As a tenant, you won’t feel left-out as we consider tenants to be our clients!

Harveys Papatoetoe Rentals team focuses not only on the Landlords but also providing the best services to their tenants. We are robust with the communication, whether be it viewings and screening applications or any maintenance issues. You being a tenant will be well informed and kept up to date throughout the tenancy.

We love to find the ideal house for each of our potential tenants and assist them throughout their journey of living in the house which they can call their home.

What tenants need to know around Healthy Home Standards:

The tenants will be provided with certificates from Healthy Home assessments conducted on the property by 1st Dec 2020. Tenants also need to know that Healthy home revolves around two deadlines-one is 1st Dec 2020 where the report will clearly state the areas that failed or pass the standards. The next deadline is 1st July 2021 by which all the rental properties will be made complaint and rectification works would have been done for the failed areas.


Please feel free to reach out your property manager if you have any concerns around the Healthy Home standards via email :